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If you’re reading this you’re probably already familiar with some of the reasons an LED Video Wall could be used. From music Concerts to Corporate exhibitions and beyond, our Video Wall is capable of making a huge difference to any event.

You can not walk down the street without some form of LED Display advertising Clients Products / Movies or News. LED Video Screens are used around football pitches, Shopping Center and High streets. In today’s world advertising is key to getting brand awareness to your clients.

Exhibitions are one of the favorite places to use the Video Walls. Corporate companies understand the value of hiring LED Screens to get maximum return on their investment.

Video Wall Hire for Events

We offer our customers the P3 LED Video Screens; one of the most technologically advanced specimens on the market today. Boasting a refresh rate in excess of 3000Hz and an unparalleled level of high resolution definition, the LED Video Screen projections are notably better than the vast majority of LED Video Displays you’ll have come across before.

Our LED Video Screens are highly adaptable, adjusting to a range of lighting settings to produce a consistent image free from the glare that can hamper lesser models. The superior image quality ensures a crystal clear image whether you’re using the screen to project vital informative text or a high definition video.

LED Big Screens

The LED Video Screen is fully equipped to reproduce an array of projections including text, images and videos. Aesthetically, the wide viewing angle means that it can be viewed adequately from an acute angle – perfect for busy events – and the software is all controlled via computer.

As the LED Video Screens are made up of many panels you can have bespoke sizes to fit any space. You can set the LED Video Wall up as a split screen or scatter them individually to project one image or many.

We’ll provide you with a trained engineer to help guide you through the setup, making sure that you use all of the features without having to sit through an arduous training course.