Outdoor LED Video Wall Hire

Outdoor LED Videowall hire service for all your events.

LED Video Walls for Outdoor or Indoor

Let’s face it, in the UK we can never be sure of the weather.  But this shouldn’t stop you considering an LED Video Wall for you next outdoor event.

An LED Video Wall can project instant energy and a dynamic visual impact when hosting an event outdoors.

Video Walls for events

It’s a great way to focus on where the action is taking place. With an LED screen in position,  people naturally flock towards it, acting as a signpost of sorts to let everybody know where they should be standing and looking.

If you’ve ever tried to gather people together at an outdoor event you’ll already be aware of what an unexpected task this can prove to be.

An Outdoor LED Video Wall is the ideal large scale branding opportunity.  For festivals, music concerts, corporate or community events, it’s a great way to advertise anything, in a smart professional way.

Using the latest high spec LED equipment

Our high spec LED Video Walls are made up of a number of smaller screens enabling exceptional quality resolution that can be adjusted to any light setting, whatever the weather!

We are proud to offer high spec P3 LED Screens, a cutting-edge piece of equipment capable of high resolution images and videos with a refresh rate of over 3000Hz for flicker-free displays.

If you want your outdoor event to have impact, look professional and create a long lasting impression for your audience,

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LED Video Walls suitable for any weather conditions

There’s no need to worry about lighting or weather when hiring an LED Video Wall with Dancing on Stars.

Not only do our screens come equipped with a protective covering that shields the screen from rain without affecting the image, but there is an adjustable brightness setting that can be easily altered via computer.

This means that even a last minute change of weather won’t ruin your projections.

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