LED Walkway Hire – High quality LED starlit aisle

LED Aisle & Floor Walkway Lighting

LED Aisles & Floor Walkways

Imagine walking down the aisle on your wedding day in true fairy tale fashion on a sparkling LED walkway that will dazzle your guests… Or making a celebrity entrance into your dream occasion.

We can design a bespoke layout that will instantly add glamour to your celebration and create a magical atmosphere.

Choose a colour to suit your theme. The LED Walkway is available in Black, White or Mixed Designs.

  • White LED walkways are popular for weddings and celebrity events.
  • Black LED walkways with white sparkling lights are ideal for discos, celebrations and parties.
  • Mixed designs are popular for themed events and can be designed to suit your theme.

Our LED Walkways can be seamlessly attached to any of our LED Dance Floors and designed to fit your space.

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