Production lighting and Dancefloor hire

The owners of B&B live in the most sort after area in all of the UK Virginia Waters.

Their grounds are huge so they hired in an amazing marquee which could seat over 400 guests, it was draped from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor.

Party lighting rigged to the ceiling

This family was the dancing type and therefore hired a 20ft Black LED Dancefloor.

We create a special ambience by installing mood lighting around the whole marquee.

The final thing was to install two rows of truss which was fully loaded with moving head and venue washer.

Once all the lighting was install we then had to program each moving head, this was a must as when it comes to the party the lighting plays a very important part in putting people in the party mood.

Production lighting hire

B&B builders hired Black Starlit Dancefloor and Production lighting

Production lighting hire

Dancing on stars doesn’t only do Led dancefloors and Led video screens for hire.

We also specialise in Production lighting for all types of events.

On this occasion we were hired in by Lawmans Ltd to turn their summer party in to a party full of Ambiance and Color.

The production lighting used was flown on a marquee ceiling. Each flown truss was 6m long which. We had two rows of lighting.

Each row of lighting had Color Washers, XR200 5r beams and Robe Pointes.

The truss was covered in black cloth to blend into the black starcloth.

The production lighting was controlled by an Avolites desk.

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Production Lighting

Production Lighting