Grand hotel

We laid a beautiful white starlit floor at the grand hotel in Eastbourne.




dancefloor hire, london

Why choose the Dreamteam – Dancing On Stars?

You may have seen many websites before coming to this page and may be wondering why you should choose us.

Here are some good reasons for choosing Dreamteam for your dancefloor hire :

dancefloor hire, london

Dancefloor Hire London

 Why Choose Us :

  1. 20 Years Experience
  2. Hire, supply and installation of dancefloors
  3. Discos, weddings, corporate, events
  4. Various packages to suit all budgets
  5. State of the art sound, lighting and audio, visual systems
  6. Covering weddings of all faiths and cultures
  7. Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Punjabi, Gujerati, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian functions
  8. Dancefloor hire specialists
  9. Lighting and backdrops included in certain packages

Give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Millenium park lane

We put down a lovely mixed starlit floor at the Millenium hotel.
We also used venue washers to light up the hall